Who we are

Azo was born from the maturing of the Social Seci project that developed in the community of Capuava Park. And it is a result of the union of sports and education seeking to use football as a driver of opportunities for more than 2000 boys, in more than 20 years of acting.


This experience led us to think of the expansion of the sport and education binomial to work the culture. In the challenge of expanding our horizons, we created AZO, which in addition to maintaining the education and football project, wants to use its space in a more democratic way and enable cultural manifestations of the community.

We created a center for coexistence and the cultural project that aims to provide the community with cultural inclusion, to build a space for recreation and exchange of experience among the residents of the region. Giving them the opportunity to develop skills, acquire new knowledge and integrate, through the workshops and activities offered.

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